2015 SAM Conference     SAM SE Regional     Conference

     June 13, 2015     Rochester

     Deadline to register      May 28, 2015

     Click here to print off     the registration form.





May 29-30, 2015  

If you would like to donate items, please give us a call at 287-2032.  We are accepting items now, but have limited space.  We are also accepting items at the fairgrounds the week of the sale. 

If you would like to volunteer your time to work or bake items at the event, please sign up by clicking on this link.  

Thank you!


Enjoy golfing at the beautiful Somerby Golf Club!

 Have a Ball    Golf Event

   2015 Golf Sponsors 

   Team Registration

   Become a Golf Sponsor

   We welcome donations



Coming later this summer!  The Arc 5K Walk/Run event at TerraLoco.  For more information, click here!


Scholarship $$$$ are still available for families and agencies through the Seth Pack Golf Classic donation.  Click here for the family form and click here for the agency/project form.



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