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Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet

Melanie Brennan, PT, DPT (owner of ExercisABILITIES) – Rochester:  A physical therapist who saw an unmet need for therapy services for persons with disabilities including brain injuries and intellectual and developmental disabilities that was not being addressed in other settings.  

Jill Draayer – Rochester:  A Senior Social Worker with Olmsted County Community Services who leads the Housemate Match Committee, a committee that has set up many organized events where people interested in finding a roommate have an opportunity to meet, get to know each other, and eventually determine whether or not they might be compatible as roommates.   

Nikki Mitchell – Goodhue:  Nominated by parents of a daughter who she provides support to in the daughter's home.  "She takes great care in hiring amazing caregivers and is dedicated to training, mentoring, and supporting them."  Nikki leads by example with strength, kindness, advocacy, and fun. 

Century High School Key Club – Rochester:  This group was nominated because of their "exceptional attitudes and a desire to make our community a more inclusive place." Key Club members took their responsibilities seriously, while having fun delighting and engaging those in attendance at the Barnes & Noble Bookfair and "Special Needs Halloween Event" for The Arc.  

Bill “Watty” Watson – Rochester:  A golf/teaching professional at the Hadley Creek Golf Learning Center who commits his personal time and effort to support golfers with disabilities.  Each year he opens the center to weekly golf practice culminating in the regional golf competition. He is a role model for his staff, and their experience will result in lifelong awareness about and acceptance of person with disabilities. 

Terrianna Gjerdrum – Winona:  The Self-Advocacy Award is presented to a person with a developmental disability who has enthusiastically and effectively presented the views of people with developmental disabilities.  

Lyn Smith – Rochester:  The Hang In There Award is presented to a member of The Arc Southeastern Minnesota who has contributed significant volunteer time and effort to the agency.


 A community celebration held at the Rochester State Hospital.


The Arc Barnes & Noble Bookfair FUNdraiser.  


 Fun at The Arc 5K Walk/Run at TerraLoco.

The Arc Golfers' Choice Tournament – THANK YOU!


Scholarship $$$$ continue to be available for families and agencies through the Seth Pack Golf Classic donation thanks to Linda and Chris Pack!  Click here for the family form and click here for the agency/project form.





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